A New Friend // emeraldgodoflies

The suns were going down on the planet of Besgoaari. This would be her last planet in this galaxy till she returns from the one she’ll be going to. First time leaving the galaxy in years and obviously it showed that Sky was nervous. Even after 1000 years of travelling around, once she stayed on a planet for too long, she got attached to it.

Sighing, she lifted her head up and remembered what Amak has showed her the week before. “Just go to the galaxy menu and click random.” She mumbled as the though ran through her mind. Lowering her head, she grabbed her watch and did what she said. Within seconds she was off. Almost at landing, her watch started to spark and beep. Cursing, her eyes moved in front of her. Realizing she was going full speed into a platform that with a man right near the spot, she shouted before using the magic she had learned and pushed the figure away. As soon as he went flying off to the side, she landed hard on the ground with a groan before feeling a strong heat from her wrist. Looking over at it, she just pulled it off before it could do any more damage to her beat up figure.

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