"I am offended."  She stated, voice loud and more dramatic than it needed to be as she placed the cat down, almost letting the animal wander off into the hallway of the building.  "But alright, if that’s what you want to do about this."


Venturing through the apartment, she kept a close eye out for the dog.  Despite all insistence that it would not be a problem, that seemed unlikely.  Based on past experience, anyway.

Sky only made a face, rather amused then anything at the others actions and dramatic-ness. Watching the cat run down the hall, she turned and looked at Beelz.

"Riight. Well would you like some coffee if you’re staying?" She said motioning her to follow as she headed towards the kitchen.

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[ I’m loosing my muse for honestly everything, which is a bit sad and what I’m craving most if just want some brotp threads right now. ]

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  • Name
  • Age
  • How well do we know each other?
  • Do you have a pet name for me?
  • Do I have a pet name for you?
  • Are you attracted to me?
  • Why do you want to marry me?
  • Big wedding or Small wedding?
  • Do you see children in our future?
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Send me “Hello?” and my character will phone yours because…


Scenarios range from fluff to angst. Some trigger warnings apply.


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Send a ♕ if you’re too intimidated to talk/roleplay with me.



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Hey I'm curious

  • Reblog this, and put a tick next to your favorite Doctor. I am curious to see who's the most popular
  • First Doctor (William Hartnell):
  • Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton:
  • Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee):
  • Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker):
  • Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison):
  • Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker):
  • Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy):
  • Eighth Doctor (Paul Mgann):
  • War Doctor (John Hurt):
  • Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston): ||
  • Tenth Doctor (David Tennant):
  • Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith): |
  • and tick here if you are excited for Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi): ||
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                        Everything  is my
                        f     a     u      l      t

                        I’ll   take   all   the
                        b     l     a     m    e

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Ways to keep princess happy:

  1. Spank me
  2. Fuck me
  3. Pull my hair
  4. Cuddle me
  5. Make me breakfast
  6. Give me lots of attention

Simple, right?

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