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          "Yea,  really. So,  why was  it  in the  fridge? Were
            you absolutely plastered last night or something?

        “Uhh, possibly. It was a very long
         day yesterday at work soo….you
         know, sorta decided to drown out. “

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Send “WOW” for your character walking in on mine handcuffed to bed with a note that says have fun



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Send me “So…” to hear what my character would say to yours after casual sex.



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★★★★★ = are you even human? DAMN.

gollum, my precious

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                                        ” Not all aliens have a   big head and   tiny                                        bodies with green skin. Those are the ones                                              you should watch out for though. “

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             ☛  Home  ✺  Ask  ✺  About  ✺  Rules 

                                        ” Not all aliens have a   big head and   tiny 
                                       bodies with green skin. Those are the ones
                                              you should watch out for though. “

 ★ No Fandom Original Character
 ★ Active since 2012
 ★ 6 years of roleplaying experience
 ★ Adaptable formatting
 ★ Mutli-verse | Multi-Ship
 ★ Crossover | AU | OC | Canon friendly
 ★ Lit. | Paras & one liners 
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he’s the resident bad boy she’s the innocent little flower they fall in love they date he breaks her heart for whatever reason she cries THEY TOLD ME NOT TO TRUST YOU they break up he pretends not to care some asshole hits on her he beats the living crap out of said asshole whilst screaming DON’T YOU EVER GO NEAR HER AGAIN I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU SHE’S THE BEST FUCKING THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED TO ME GODDAMMIT

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  • "What are you doing?"
  • "What are you staring at?"
  • "You look familiar."
  • "Don’t be such a dumbass."
  • "Are you actually listening to yourself?"
  • "Give me that back."
  • "Sorry about that."
  • "Good night, I love you."
  • "It’s nothing, forget about it."
  • "It tastes the same."
  • "Would you stop that?"
  • "Who is she/he?"
  • "They turned off the heat."
  • "Where’d you get all of this money?"
  • "Did you steal this?"
  • "You’re hurt."
  • "See you in hell."
  • "You could sleep over?"
  • "You’re not wearing a shirt."
  • "I think we might have slept together."
  • "Is it alarming that part of my summer to do list is figuring out my sexual preferences or no?"
  • "I’m going to die."
  • "You failed."
  • "Did you buy me some?"
  • "I think we got married last night."
  • "This is why no one uses maps anymore."
  • "Of course, I’m sure! Siri told me so."
  • "I told you that would work."
  • "I feel like cupid."
  • "When did drunken hate sex become our thing?"
  • "You’re wrong."
  • "Dude, you’re wasted."
  • "Go home."
  • "You said it was an emergency!"
  • "You wanting sex is not an emergency."
  • "If I don’t get alcohol into my system in the next twenty minutes, I’m going to shrivel up into nothing."
  • "I may have keyed her/his car."
  • "You can’t send me those kind of pictures while I’m at work!"
  • "That’s sketchy looking."
  • "Now you’re just being lame."
  • "Stop acting like you hate me."
  • "I’m pretty sure that’s illegal."
  • "Did you get arrested?"
  • "You got a little bitchy there."
  • "Lie if you have to."
  • "Save me."
  • "Save yourself."
  • "There is nothing wrong with a meaningless hook up. Or three of them."
  • "Why are you dressed up?"
  • "What do you take me for?"
  • "Don’t lie, you’re very obviously high."
  • "I can’t find my pants."
  • "I’m covered in glow paint and I’m pretty sure someone stole my shirt. So far, fun night."
  • "You tried to do what?"
  • "For health reasons, I’m gonna have to ask you to strip."
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         "Sky? I found that shoe you were looking for— it was in the fridge…

" Wait the blue one? Really? I must of not been looking hard enough then. Thanks. Remind me not to drink a pack before bed."

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But It’s Home |au| mitchelljohnmitchell


"It was t’e only place hiring..I didn’t have much choice." He shrugged and watched her face light up as he thought about what he’d said. Mitchell sipped more of his beer and then smiled back.


"It doesn’t pay a great deal, but, it’s enough t’ keep you cushioned and feel better about yourself. Besides,it would be nice to have someone to talk t’ at work who didn’t hit on me constantly." The nurses at his work were extremely desperate.. and he happened to be extremely attractive to them. 

Sky gave a small shrug. “Well it would be nice to know someone that could show me the place without looking like a fool and getting lost on the first few days.” Those were the worse times with a new job. As well as doing something she wasn’t suppose to. 

A slight laugh escaped her as she nodded. “I take it you’re a bit popular among the women at the hospital.” Peeling herself from doorway, she made her way to the touch before settling herself down, motioning him over. “You have my word that I won’t hit on you but if you ever need me to pretend to be your girlfriend to get some off the women your chest, I’m up for it. Wouldn’t be the first nor the last.”

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★★★★ = a badass at everything you post